Why Fame and Fortune Begins With a Great Receptionist Cover Letter

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Receptionist Cover Letters Could Start You On the Fast Track

In every career, someone has to start somewhere and a receptionist cover letter is one way to land the entry level job that could lead to the very top rung of the corporate ladder. There are some people that may not appreciate the career building power of the receptionist job. To them, the receptionist is the person that merely answers the phone and tells visitors to the company office to sit on the couch and wait for someone to come see them. These people would not understand that the receptionist position, landed through the power of the spectacular receptionist cover letter, can be the first and smart footstep on the path to a top executive job.

For many successful executives, their first job in the world of business was that of a receptionist. By mastering that job with drive and dedication to advancing their career with the skills that they picked up behind the reception desk, they rose to the very highest levels of the company.

Those that are savvy in the world know that a few of the most important ingredients in creating a great career arenít to be found in your business school courses or textbooks. While itís nice to be able to count beans or tell people what to do in n efficient manner, a career is just as served by some of the more human elements.

What Business School Doesnít Mention
Access to powerful people who can advance one's career is one of these important elements. Knowing the ins and outs of the office politics is another. Being popular and well liked is a third. All of these three elements are just as --- if not more --- easily mastered behind the receptionist desk as in any other chair in the workplace, which is as good a reason as any to make sure that a receptionist cover letter is written in a way that will get you the interview that gets the job.

Think about it. Who is the one person that everyone in the office gets to see and talk to every day? The receptionist. Not even the CEO is as well known by the company as the person that answers the phone, greets the employees every time they walk in the office and is always there for a couple of minutes of chit-chat. Indeed, the receptionist is the hub of the office social network.

Which brings us to the second point: Mastering the office politics. If the receptionist keeps his or her eyes and ears open, he or she can learn a lot about whatís happening around the company. Because the receptionist knows everyone and everything that happens in the office, the position is a great place to get the "lay of the land" in the office. As the receptionist, you know what sorts of employees succeed and fail, who creates tensions in the workplace, who is promoted and who is let go. That sort of information can be of top value to you if you decide to enter the corporate world as a manager or executive yourself.

Access Is Everything
But besides being well known and knowing all the inside scoop on how the company works, the receptionist has access to the top executives in ways that even people higher up in the company organizational chart do not. After all, it is the receptionist who talks to the exec when he walks in every morning and picks up the phone for him or her all day long. If the receptionist is sharp and intelligent and efficient, these qualities will get the attention of the executive. Once that happens, the executive will be more than willing to help the receptionist take the next step within the company.

That said, what is the ideal receptionist cover letter that will secure this valuable and coveted spot in the company? Basically, the ideal receptionist cover letter is one that will convey the efficiency, problem-solving and communication skills that the receptionist needs to succeed as a receptionist and in whatever other endeavors they take on for their employer.

For the receptionist, a professional demeanor, efficiency and superb communication skills are the most important factors to getting hired and succeeding. Consequently, the receptionist cover letter should convey these attributes with every line and word.

The Receptionist Cover Letter Puts You Front and Center
The receptionist is the front line and public face of the company. Every person, whether a potential customer or employee has their first contact with the receptionist. As a result, a receptionist that gives an unprofessional, incompetent or rude impression gives an immediate bad impression about the company as a whole.

Because the position of receptionist is so visible, there is no room for inefficiency or "muddling through" a task. Whatever the receptionist takes on, he or she needs to be able to complete it in a timely manner, multi-tasking all the while to make sure that there is no drop-off in his or her attention to the duties of greeting visitors to the office and answering phones.

Lastly, communication sills are vital. When the client or visitor to the office needs information about the company or one of its employees he or she turns first to the receptionist. If the receptionist is unable to communicate with that visitor, it is impossible to give them the information or service that they need. Once again the companyís image suffers.

Bearing these three objectives in mind, hereís an example of how to write a receptionist cover letter that gets the interview.

First, Get the Name Right
As a receptionist, you need to know whoís who and where they can be contacted within the company from the first day on the job. So before you even think about writing your receptionist cover letter find out the name of the Hiring Manager and where they can be contacted. Make sure that you spell the name right and get the address and routing information one hundred percent, too. Thereís no excuse for a "Dear Sir/Madam" or "To Whom It May Concern" when applying for a receptionist spot.

Second, Start Strong.
Donít beat around the bush in your receptionist cover letter. You know what you want; you know what the potential employer wants. So come out and say it. Start with something direct and attention grabbing like a headline reading "Efficient and Experienced Receptionist Looking for New Challenges."

Once youíve got their attention, use it to make your case. Remember, they are looking for someone that is going to be able to step in and do an efficient and impressive job from the very first day. Using all the information in your background and qualifications, convince the targeted employer that you are just the person that is able to do that. A particularly strong method for doing this, in fact the strongest possible method of all, is to show that you are already doing that for someone else or have done it for someone else many times in the past.

Next explain that you enjoy what you do. Granted, being a receptionist is not anyoneís dream job and a receptionist cover letter that says it is wonít convince anybody. But you can say that you enjoy the opportunities that a receptionist position gives you and you look forward to doing a great job for a new employer.

Now, Close the Deal
Lastly, ask for the interview. Once again communication skills are vital. You canít assume that the reader knows what he or she must do to make you become a part of their team. If what you want them to do next is call you up and schedule an interview, then you should come right out and asks for them to do that.

Something like "I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for this opportunity in person. Please call me so that we may set up an interview time."

Now that you have written the letter, itís time for you to take a little break. Chances are youíve been reading your receptionist cover letter so often that you arenít really able to pay attention to it anymore. So get away from your compute and do something else for a while.

When you get back, print your letter up and read it out loud. If anything that you have written sounds forced or artificial or awkward reading it out loud will make that clear right away. Getting someone else to give it a look-over or to listen to you read it out loud is another way to get a good bit of feedback about your receptionist cover letter.

Remember, the tone should be clear and direct and efficient and friendly. Fancy words and phrases will hurt you more than they help you.

Once itís in the best shape that you can make it, send it to the printer on a white or ivory paper and mail it off with a matching resume. Or if you are going to use the email method cut and past it into the body of the email, cut and paste your resume into that body of the email and attach a resume in word.

Good luck with your job search and be confident that your receptionist cover letter is the very best that the Hiring Manger will see on his or her desk.

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