Etiquette and Business Decorum

Ask employer regarding...
Personal phone calls
Where to park
Eating meals or listening to radio in the workplace
Completing homework when not busy
Office policy regarding phone procedures and customer service

Use courteous words and manners
Refrain from damaging humor
Ensure office is covered before leaving
Store belongings in indicated areas
Provide adequate notification prior to being late, taking time off, or terminating employment

Chew gum
Make long-distance phone calls
Prop feet upon your desk
Have friends drop by to visit
Listen to music through headphones
Use copy machine, computer, or office supplies for personal business

Fashion Don'ts
Dirty or wrinkled clothing
Sweat suits or athletic wear
Worn jeans or cut-offs
Heavy colognes or perfumes
Hats, caps, or sunglasses

Ethical Concerns
Accept the diversity of others.
Refrain from making sexist commentary or innuendo.
Refrain from gossip or spreading rumors.
Do not divulge confidential information.

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