I would prefer to:

____ Work alone.

____ Work indoors.

____ Work with my hands.

____ Work with people.

____ Work steady hours.

____ Work as part of a team.

____ Work for myself

____ Travel.

____ Work year round.

____ Do physical labor.

____ Stand or move most of the day.

____ Be creative.

____ Be in charge.

____ Work with adults.

____ Work in quiet conditions.

____ Work in noisy areas.

____ Work under pressure.

____ Work for a small company.

____ Set my own hours.

____ Work for a set salary.

____ Keep busy.

____ Work with others.

____ Work outdoors.

____ Work with my mind.

____ Work with things.

____ Work varying hours.

____ Work on my own.

____ Work for someone else.

____ Stay in one place.

____ Do seasonal work.

____ Do no physical labor.

____ Sit most of the day.

____ Do what is asked.

____ Work under someone.

____ Work with children.

____ Non-stressful conditions.

____ Work for a large company.

____ Have set hours.

____ Work on commission.

____ Work in a relaxed atmosphere.

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