Do you:

1. Really like people? (What does this mean to you?)

2. Pout when things do not go your way?

3. Have training in the "social graces" (formally or informally)?

4. Ever instigate social conversations about controversial topics?

5. Tend to talk too much in social situations? (Too little?)

6. Tend to talk too much in job/work situations? (Too little?)

7. Enjoy a joke, even when it is on you?

8. Remember people's names when you meet them?

9. Have trust and confidence in others?

10. Ever praise other people? Why or why not? If yes, how?

11. Interrupt other people when they are talking?

12. Tend to boast or brag?

13. Like to attend parties?

14. Tend to be the kind of friend you expect others to be to you?

15. Complain often?

16. Tend to be at ease with the opposite sex?

17. Feel embarrassed to know so little?

18. Believe in sharing responsibility for communication?

19. Make an effort to express love?

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