Technology advances every day. No other area in our life is advancing faster than OnLine job search or resume data collection. Although still in its infancy (as compared to old methods, such as newspaper want ads and employment agencies), electronic OnLine job search and resume data banks is where employment will be found tomorrow.

It is important for employment seekers to learn about the Internet and America Jobs OnLine. Obviously, what you do not know, you cannot utilize. Already the Federal Government and some large corporations are listing employment opportunities OnLine through the Internet on the World Wide Web pages. One of the most important factors this new technology provides is not that it affords you potential daily access to employment opportunities, but it allows you to put your resume on a data bank or list it on your own Web page. Knowledge of how this new technology works can be greatly beneficial in your job search.

Your OnLine search should become a daily event, just as you would check out other resources of potential gainful employment. All employment opportunities are merely being in the right place at the right time. This goes for cold calling, answering ads in the newspaper, going to employment agencies and cruising the Internet.

The number one reason people fail to get to the interview stage in the employment seeking process is that they have poorly written resumes or applications. You cannot count on employers assuming information that is not clearly specified on the application or resume. If the information is not there or it is not written well, your resume/application will most likely be passed up for one that is done correctly.

The old standard of keeping resumes to one page, no longer holds true. For a resume that is being reviewed by a human, one to three pages is acceptable, as long as the information is concise and relevant to the job for which you are applying. If the employer does not find what they want in the resume, they most likely will not take the time to follow up with you and ask for more information.

For a computer data bank resume, the number of pages is irrelevant because when your resume (or application) is scanned into a data bank or you manually enter it, the computer does not differentiate how many pages it is. Statistically, you are better off submitting a longer resume, than if you submit a shorter version. If you submit a short human resume, instead of a computer data bank resume, you can lose out on a lot of potential jobs.

It is important to understand the difference between the human process of interpretating resumes and the electronic process of interpreting resumes. When businesses are scanning the data bank for potential employees, they download their job description. The closer your application or resume reads like the job description, the more likely you will get an interview. The Federal Government, state governments and some companies give you points for each match your application/resume has with their job description. The match is done according to words, statements, time frames, etc. This is why it is essential for employment seekers to ask for job descriptions and write their resume/application according to the qualifications in which the job descriptions states. If you have those qualifications listed, everything else becomes redundant, irrelevant and distracting.

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