Diagnosing malfunctions Repairing engines Maintaining machinery
Packing Replacing defective parts Woodworking
Constructing buildings Hitching Working outdoors
Working in varied climate Heavy/manual work Welding
Operating basic machinery Safety rules Horticultural procedures


Examining Evaluating Filing
Developing methods Improving Recording
Computing Recommending Working as a team member
Following directions Doing routine office work Basic clerical skills
Bookkeeping Data-entry operations Telephone protocol


Influencing Persuading Directing
Leading Organizing Defining
Writing Listening Explaining
Interpreting ideas Reading Negotiating
Motivating Handling precise work Working with committees
Public speaking Correct English usage Subject knowledge
Good sense of timing Communication systems


Innovation Developing Creating
Imagining Designing Planning
Integrating Abstracting Generating
Perceiving Memorizing Discriminating
Visualizing Fashion Shaping
Writing Directing Imagining
Painting Performing


Computing Validating Reconciling
Executing Dispatching Responding
Enforcing Meeting deadlines Arranging
Scheduling Memorizing Collecting
Compiling Systemizing Tabulating
Comparing Inspecting Organizing
Classifying Collating Copying
Retrieving Processing Filing


Calculating Projecting Budgeting
Computing Planning Managing
Recognizing problems Solving problems Keeping books
Accounting Auditing Appraising
Recording Finger dexterity Ability to concentrate
Handling detail work Working under stress Orderly thinking
Accounting procedures Data processing Operating business machines
Financial concepts Investment principles


Relating Counseling Guiding/Leading
Listening Coordinating Adjusting
Referring Attending Caring
Empathizing Speaking Directing
Perceiving Cooperating Subject knowledge
Human behavior principles Community resources Agency policies
Stressful conditions Weekend work Working night shifts
Responding to emergencies Hazardous conditions


Repairing equipment Maintaining equipment Operating tools
Dismantling Removing parts Adjusting functional parts
Lubricating/cleaning parts Purchasing/ordering parts Climbing
Working indoors/outdoors Working as a team member Basic mechanics
Electrical principles Plumbing principles


Developing Planning Organizing
Assigning/Delegating Supervising Coordinating
Recommending Evaluating Administering
Hiring/Firing Measuring production Setting standards
Negotiating Working under stress Working with people
Travel flexibility Personnel practices Time management


Operating Tending Monitoring
Controlling Setting up Driving
Cutting Grinding Assembling
Moving Lifting Bending
Shipping Working independently Assembly line work
Heavy work Precision machine work Basic plumbing
Tools Safety rules Electronic principles

Public Relations

Planning Conducting Informing thepublic
Consulting Writing news releases Researching
Representing Working with people Working under stress
Working long hours Working odd hours Maintaining a favorable image
Negotiating principles Media process Human relations


Recognizing problems Interviewing Developing questions
Synthesizing Clarifying Surveying
Diagnosing Investigating Inspecting
Collecting data Examining Extrapolating
Reviewing Isolating Deciding
Analyzing Statistics Algebra
Research design Long term projects Working without direction
Working long hours


Contacting Persuading Reviewing products
Inspecting products Determining value Informing buyers
Promoting sales Working with people Working under stress
Working long hours Financing Budgeting
Working outdoors/indoors Products Human relations


Influencing Persuading Briefing
Informing Encouraging Communicating
Advising Guiding Coaching
Instructing Explaining Enlightening
Stimulating Inventing Adapting
Facilitating Coordinating Developing
Enabling Clarifying Valuing
Setting goals Deciding Initiating


Financing Evaluating data Calculating
Adjusting controls Aligning fixtures Following specifications
Observing indicators Verifying Drafting
Designing Odd hours Economics
Working in small studios Working in office/outdoors Investigation principles
Balancing principles

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