University Career Services

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  • Admissions Consultants- Top 5 MBAs successfully helping clients gain admission to their top-choice business schools.

  • Degree Info - Degree Info is a distance learning and online learning discussion group and information portal.

  • Student Loan- Student Loan Directory is your premier student loan resource for information regarding student loans, financial aid, and student loan consolidation. NEW!

  • Union University Career Services- The Union University Career Services Web Site is one of the best comprehensive career planning/development and job search sites available on the web! This site provides a wide range of career and job search services to Union University students and alumni. Focused on servant leadership and the unique giftedness of the individual, the Career Services center also serves as a networking hub for Union University students, alumni, faculty, staff and recruiting employers.

  • University of Washington Center for Career Services-- The Center for Career Services (CCS) provides career and job search services to University of Washington students and alumni. As a service organization, the Center for Career Services acts as a liaison between University of Washington students, alumni, faculty, staff and prospective employers.