Online Testing

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  • AptitudeOnline.com- AptitudeOnline.com features more than 400 aptitude test questions and answers. Get the job you deserve!

  • CareerPlanner.com- Online Career Tests to help you discover the career that is right for you. Plan your career, don't just take another job.

  • Career Tests Guide- Guide to the several types of career tests, such as personality and career-aptitude tests, provides tips on changing careers and getting a job in a new field.

  • Walnut Smoothie Personality Career Tests - You spend the majority of your waking hours at work. This test find you the career that suit you best.

  • Whizlabs Skill Assessment and Recruitment Solution- Whizlabs offers LAN/ Web based IT skills assessment and pre-employment screening tool designed to automate all testing related activities of an organization. NEW!!