What goes into a good decision?

1. Facts and Feelings
When making a decision, it is important to consider both facts and feelings. Emotions can give the drive that gets us off the ground. However, do not let your emotions get in the way of facts and logic. When emotions become bias, clear thinking can go astray.

2. Courage to be Oneself
Be true to yourself!

3. Openness to Growth
No one but you can know what you are capable of, nor will you know until you have tried!

4. Imagination
Don't settle in comfortable mental habits. Let your thoughts flow freely.

5. Flexibility
Is there any other way to express the problem? What random ideas come to mind when I relax and think about it? Can I turn the problem upside down? Can I shift the emphasis from one part of the problem to another?

6. Willingness to Fail
Failure is part of the learning process. Since we learn by doing, we succeed only by having at some time failed. Expect to fail sometimes. Build with the rocks you stumble over.

7. Hard Work
Thinking isn't easy. Making decisions takes work!

  • Separate facts from fuzzy information.
  • Think in exact terms, not "They say..."
  • Consider events and people individually; avoid easy labeling.
  • Look at the nuances; avoid either/or thinking.
  • Think through each situation; don't be trapped by fixed ideas.

8. Acceptance of Limitations
A realistic look at any situation includes questions like: What are the restrictions put on me by time? energy? age? education? position? knowledge? ability? Facing these can help you decide more effectively.

9. Responsibility
Consider not only your own interests, but also those of others.

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