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Thanks to the brave law enforcement officers of this country, because of them many, many, many lives have been saved.

We do not know exactly the number, however it is simply amazing the job these officers do every day without very much recognition.

We can only hope they have the support of their community and support of their families during what will be trying years ahead.

These fine officers are due respect and honor for simply being able to rise up every day and take on the most challenging job that has ever been.

Thank you to all the officers who serve their community, neighborhood, town, city and country.

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Includes state agencies, county agencies, municipal - city - town - village agencies, college and university agencies, school agencies, special district agencies, and federal law enforcement agencies.

State Police

Twenty-two U.S. states use the term "State Police", fifteen use the term "Highway Patrol", seven use the term "State Patrol", and three use the term "State Highway Patrol". In Alaska, the agency is called the "Division of Alaska State Troopers", while in Arizona, it is the "Department of Public Safety". Hawaii does not have a statewide police agency.

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