Wyoming Jobs and Careers in Education

Wyoming Job Vacancies for Teachers is provided by the Wyoming School Boards Association, is a listing of open positions for which you may apply. If you think that a position may be open at a specific school that may not be on the aforementioned listing, then perhaps the "Wyoming School Websites" listing may be of interest to you, as this listing links directly to the school websites. For other education related information, you can visit the Wyoming Department of Education home page.

Grants, RFP's & Scholarships contains a list of available state and federal administered grants, RFP's & Scholarships.

Wyoming Department of Education Jobs – Research employment opportunities with Wyoming’s Department of Education through the A&I Human Resources Division.

Troops to Teachers – Nationwide database that helps troops transition to teaching positions.

Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board sets standards for Wyoming teacher education preparation programs. After the program is approved, graduates of those programs are granted certification to teach in Wyoming.

Wyoming Education, Training and Library Jobs – job listings from JobBank USA.

Wyoming College, University, Education Jobs, Careers and Employment Websites