Utah Jobs and Careers in Education

Utah Educational Employment Board is a free service of the Utah State Office of Education. Also visit the homepage of State of Utah Office of Education.

Utah Career & Technical Education provides all students a seamless education system, driven by a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP), through competency-based instruction, culminating in essential life skills, certified occupational skills, and meaningful employment.

Utah Principals provides links for associations, opportunities and information for Utah School Principals and Administrators.

Utah Department of Education Human Resource Management – Research employment opportunities with Utah’s Department of Education.

Utah Division of Veteran's Affairs assists former and present members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents in preparing claims for and securing such compensation, hospitalization, education and vocational training, and other benefits or privileges to which they may be entitled under Federal or State law or regulation by reason of their service in the military.

Troops to Teachers – Nationwide database that helps troops transition to teaching positions.

Utah Educator Quality Services from the Office of Education provides informative links for licensure, testing, conferences, and classes & opportunities .. and more links listed in this section.

Utah Education, Training and Library Jobs – job listings from JobBank USA.

Utah College, University, Education Jobs, Careers and Employment Websites