Pennsylvania Jobs and Careers in Education

PA-Educator.net is a consortium of schools, intermediate units (IUs), colleges and universities, and other organizations to create a clearinghouse, PA-Educator.net, for school districts hiring teacher candidates in Pennsylvania. Also visit the homepage of Pennsylvania's Department of Education. for further educator information.

Higher & Adult Education - From the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this page has links, resources and information on postsecondary, adult basic and literacy education services.

Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators provides an opportunity for continuous study of the mutual professional challenges facing school administrators.

Pennsylvania Department of Education Jobs – Research employment opportunities with Pennsylvania’s Department of Education.

Division of Veterans/Military Education - Links and information for Pennsylvania Veteran Education.

Troops to Teachers – Nationwide database that helps troops transition to teaching positions.

Teaching in Pennsylvania – The focus here is on preparing and licensing educators who excel in providing instruction and student services to the children of the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Education, Training and Library Jobs – job listings from JobBank USA.

Pennsylvania College, University, Education Jobs, Careers and Employment Websites