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New York State Jobs Home Page – New York has a comprehensive Civil Service page that encompasses not only State Jobs, but also University, County and other Civil Service positions within the state. Links are available here for all civil service position available. Many open positions in the state may require testing examinations and the listing for those exams may be found at "State Examinations" then proceed to those jobs open to all qualified inviduals unless you are a current employee of the state of New York.

But wait, your job search does not end there because that would be far too simple. Many agencies and departments of the state of New York may have their own employment opportunity pages. You will need to visit each one individually in order to find jobs in these departments. Thankfully, the State of New York Agency Websites & Publications page should make your job search easier by linking directly to each department / agencies' home pages. From there you can proceed to find information on the agency / department as well as perhaps career opportunities.

If you are a current employee of the State of New York you will want to visit the New York State Government Employees page for career and other job information.

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Additional Resources

Government Jobs .com Job Search – Government Jobs has been one the leaders in the government sector job board, applicant tracking, and recruitment tools since 1998. It appears they act as an aggregator of jobs for various levels of government (city, county, state) and department within these levels. May be worth a visit.