Mississippi Jobs and Careers in Education

Mississippi Department of Education contains all the informational links you may need for teaching in Mississippi. Browse through the Public School Vacancy Listings for a career opening in an area near you. The Mississippi Teacher Center offers information on Teacher Placement and Recruiting, as well as Grant and Mentor Training information.

Mississippi School Administrators - Information source for school administrators .. for a listing or search of current openings please see Mississippi Association of School Administrator Job Openings.

Mississippi Department of Education Office of Human Resources - Currently this agency has no openings, but be sure to check it out for future career opportunity.

Mississippi Veterans Services - Provides services and information, including employment for veterans, their dependents and survivors.

Troops to Teachers - Nationwide database that helps troops transition to teaching positions.

Mississippi Educator Licensure - Resource center for teaching licensure and certification in the state of Mississippi.

Office of Special Education - Resource support center for Special Education.

Mississippi Education, Training and Library Jobs - job listings from JobBank USA.

Mississippi College, University, Education Jobs, Careers and Employment Websites