Maryland Jobs and Careers in Education

Local School System Human Relations & Resources Directors – Maryland requires that you contact local schools directly for open positions. This page lists the contacts for each district. Also visit the homepage of Maryland's Department of Education.

Higher Education Scholarships - Available to qualified adult learners who are pursuing post-secondary education after earning high school diplomas through completion of the External Diploma Program or pass the GED Test.

Maryland Teacher & Principal Resources – Mostly off-site information and resource links.

Maryland Department of Education Jobs – Research employment opportunities with Maryland’s Department of Education. Here is a direct link to all.

Maryland Department of Education Rehabilitation Services – Helps individuals with disabilities go to work or stay independent in their homes and communities.

Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs - Informational links to services, resources and features.

Troops to Teachers – Nationwide database that helps troops transition to teaching positions.

Maryland Bureau of Certification & Accreditation – Certifies teachers and other professional personnel; oversees the preparation and assessment of candidates for principalship; and approves the educational programs of nonpublic schools.

Maryland Education, Training and Library Jobs – job listings from JobBank USA.

Maryland College, University, Education Jobs, Careers and Employment Websites