How to Do Your Job Cover Letter Right

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Don’t Take Chances with Your Job Cover Letter

You may never have to write anything else quite as important as a job cover letter, so you need to be sure you know how to get that right. It may seem like a simple task, and if you are particularly clear about what you want and eloquent enough to be able to articulate that in writing, then it may prove to be just that. You must never underestimate the critical importance of this document however. Make no mistake, it is your cover letter and not your resume that is the most important document you can submit when applying for a job. It is your cover letter that can win a get out of jail free card for your resume during the initial process of job candidate evaluation.

It is patently absurd to think of the amount of time and effort so many job seekers put into the task of creating their resumes when compared to the amount of time and effort they will spend trying to find a way not to create a winning job cover letter. It goes without saying that creating a cover letter is a tricky undertaking, but you know what they say – if it isn't hard, it isn't worth doing. If you are reading this text now and saying to yourself that creating a cover letter isn't difficult at all, you may need to re-think the way you have been going about it. If you have believed it to be a simple undertaking, either you are super-human or you are doing it wrong.

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Look, none of this is rocket science, that is for sure. But it is a skill nevertheless. Hiring managers get thousands of resumes every year and they only fill a few positions from that vast pile of information. The majority of people that don't get through are generally those that have submitted a lousy job cover letter. This is about a lot more than simply stapling something with your name and address on it, to your resume. It is a means of prÈcising the most important and relevant parts of your resume so that the hiring manager can, at a glance, see what it is that you are about. You achieve the dual aim of gathering both their attention and their gratitude with such a cover letter, which is surely the gold medal at the end of this particular marathon.

Now, with that information under your belt, you may want to think again about how you create your next job cover letter. To be certain you are able to hit home, you really have to think about the job you are applying for and try to work out the best ways to highlight why it is that the skills you have acquired can match that job. Be creative about this, and think outside of the box about ways you can add value to an organization. With a cover letter like that, you are certain to make it to that shortlist and you can look forward to a very exciting phone call.

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