Your answers and how you express them, may be that little extra factor that allows you to successfully compete for that position that you are seeking.

How Serious Are You?
1. How did you hear about us?
2. How many other companies are you looking for employment with?
3. Tell me something that you have learned about our company.
4. Do you know what skills are required for this position?
5. Do you have any questions for me? (You better have!)

What Do You Want?
1. Why do you want to work here?
2. Why do you want to work in this position?
3. What kind of money are you looking at?
4. What other types of benefits are you looking for besides money?

Work History?
1. Have you ever been fired from a job? Why?
2. Have you ever walked off a job? Why?
3. Have you ever quit a job? Why?
4. Did you ever have a disagreement with a boss or supervisor? What about? How was it resolved?
5. What kind of money did you earn in your last position?
6. Why did you leave or are leaving your last job?
7. You appear to have switched jobs frequently, please explain why.
8. How many employers have you worked for in the last five years?
9. How many days of work/school did you miss last year?
10. How many times were you late for work/school?
11. In your last job, did you work any overtime?
12. In your youth, what did you do to earn spending money?
13. If currently working, what will your supervisor say when you give your notice?

Do You Have What We Need?
1. What skills do you possess?
2. What qualifications do you have that you can bring to this company?
3. What do you consider your greatest strength/weakness?
4. Give me two reasons why I should/should not hire you.

School History?
1. Tell me about your education or training.
2. Did you enjoy school? Why?
3. Did you join any school activities? Why?
4. Which courses or classes did you like best in school?
5. Which courses did you like least?
6. What type of grades did you get in English/Math?

What Are You Like Personally?
1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. What motivates you to do a good job? Why?
3. Who are your heroes? Why?
4. What do you do to relax after work?
5. What are your hobbies?
6. What do you usually do when you take a vacation?
7. Give me an example of a major problem you have faced and how you resolved it.
8. What has been a major accomplishment you have achieved? Did you learn from this?
9. What has been a major failure in your life? Did you learn from this experience?
10. Do you prefer working alone or with a team? Why? (Make sure your answer matches up with the position.)
11. Would you rather be in charge of a project or work as part of a team? Why? (Same as above.)
12. If you are hired, and one supervisor tells you to do a task, and then another supervisor tells you to do it later or not at all, how would you handle it? Why?
13. If you are hired, and one of your supervisors happens to be male, female, minority or handicapped, how would you feel about this? What if this person is older or younger than you?
14. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Explain.
15. Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Explain.

What Are Your Plans?
1. When do you hope to retire?
2. If hired, how long do you plan to work here? Why?
3. What type of salary do you expect to earn in five years?

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