What To Wear To A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of What to Wear to a Job Interview

Knowing what to wear to a job interview is not rocket science. Though there might be some fluctuations and variations depending on the kind of industry you are interviewing for, the basic concept is exactly the same for every job. You want to show up to the job interview wearing more or less what the people who work at the company are wearing, only a bit more formal. What this means is that if you are going to work for a typical professional office, for instance, you would wear what is the standard professional attire. If you are applying at a more creative and fashion-forward company, however, you would want to wear something that fits that environment more precisely, while still looking professional and sharp.

Knowing what to wear to a job interview is as much about knowing what NOT to wear as it is knowing what to wear. You do not want to wear anything that calls undue attention to itself, either positive or negative. For an interview, the mottos should be to stand out with your background, your qualifications, your intelligence, your preparations, and your interview answers. Not for your appearance or clothing. This is just as valid for the higher, more expensive end of the spectrum as it is for the lower, more casual end of the clothing spectrum. For instance, if you have an expensive, luxurious tuxedo wearing that would be every bit as inappropriate as a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

More What to Wear to a Job Interview Advice

More advice on what to wear to a job interview, or what NOT to wear includes any sort of accessories that are flashy or attention-grabbing. Women’s jewelry and purses should be as simple and unobtrusive as possible. For men, the job interview is no place to show off pinky rings or the newest bling-bling watch in your collection. In a similar manner makeup, hair and scents should be kept to a conservative, simple, classy minimum. As time goes on, and you learn more about the office and the office learns more about you, you might start expressing your personality a bit more openly by your dress. That is still very far in the future, though. For the interview, you want to be as plain and simple and elegant as you can be.

For creative fields like fashion and advertising, the form of what to wear to a job interview might be slightly different, but the concept is the same. In short, you want to blend into the corporate culture as much as possible when you make your first connection and contact. Since these creative companies might not follow the typical professional dress code, it would be worth your while to do some advance planning and research before you pick out what to wear to the job interview. Going by the office, or even talking to someone who works in that culture and field should give you a clear and direct idea about what would be appropriate.

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