Top Job Interview Questions

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Top Job Interview Questions Revealed

Candidates looking for top job interview questions in books and websites are wasting their time and energy. The questions that make the websites and books are generally not the kinds of questions that will make or break your job interview. The questions that go to a website are the basic, general, broad generic questions that might be asked for any interview. Chances are good that you could probably handle those okay even without advance notice. The questions that you really need to know about are the specific questions the interviewer will ask about the skills and experience he or she is looking for in the candidate for that job at that specific company.

Even though it is unlikely that these top job interview questions for specific positions at specific companies, it is possible to create that list yourself with some research and thought. Simply do the investigation that you need to do in order to uncover what the job requires, what attributes the target companyís corporate culture values and the results that they most desire to see from the new hire. When you know all these things, you know what the interviewer wants to hear. And that brings you directly to knowing what he or she will ask you. Chances are good that the top job interview questions you will receive will be questions which ask you about your experience using the targeted skills, displaying the targeted characteristics and achieving the targeted results.

Top Job Interview Questions Continued

Having a list of the top job interview questions you are likely to receive isnít the end of the line though. Your next step is to find a way to answer them that make you the strongest candidate for the job. Once again, the research that you did will pay off for you. Since you know what the interviewer is looking for, you must simply give it to him or her. That does not mean that you should make up answers. Not only is that unethical, but you arenít likely to be able to deliver a pack of lies during an interview convincingly enough to get the job. What it means is that you should prepare yourself for the interview by turning your existing history, qualifications and experiences into convincing proof that you can do the target job.

Answer those top job interview questions with examples and anecdotes about your job performance. Describe the situation you encountered, the actions you took and the results you achieved. Once again, this is a place where the research that you did up front about the company pays off big dividends. Thatís because the greater you make these elements resemble the elements of the target job that your research revealed the better. Your ideal result is for the interviewer to be imagining you performing those actions and obtaining those results in the target job. If he or she can picture that clearly from your answers, that puts you in a very strong position to get the job.

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