Tips For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Tips for Job Interview Situations

The most effective tips for job interview are not the most novel or exciting pieces of advice. Prepare well in advance. Answer questions with stories of desirable results and achievements. Dress appropriately. Show up on time. Let the interviewer set the agenda. Send a thank you note after the interview. All of these tips for job interview fall into the category of common sense, yet they are the tips that will give you the interview performance which will get you the job. To put the preparation and interviewing goal in perspective, hereís a handy mental exercise which should illustrate what you are striving to achieve: Imagine that for some reason, you are having to interview for your current job at your current company.

In this circumstance, all the tips for job interview make sense. Imagine that you sat down and began the interview for your current job with your current supervisor. Do you have a pretty good idea of what you would talk about and how you would make the case to hire you? Absolutely. You know what the duties of the target job are, and you have performed them already. You know what the desired results for the job are, and you have achieved them already. You know what the corporate culture of the target company is, and you have already contributed to it. Consequently, when you sit down to your supervisor you will talk about how you meet and exceed all the requirements and expectations for the position.

More Tips for Job Interview Scenarios

With this in mind, itís clear that the most important tips for job interview success involve learning about the target job and company. Ideally, you would like to go into the company with the same kind of level of knowledge of the target position as you have at your own current position. In a similar manner, you would like to be able to give the same kind of targeted, specific conversations about desired results and achievements that you could give for your current job. The way to get this kind of knowledge is to do the research of both published material and to talk to employees of that company until you have a sense of the daily duties of the job and the achievements which the company considers marks of success.

The last interview tips that can achieve success are tactical and logistical tips. For one thing, itís a good idea to lay out and prepare your interview clothes a couple of days before the interview. You donít want to be getting ready that morning and discover that you canít find the other sock that matches your shirt, or to learn that your tie has a lasagna stain across the middle of it. In a similar manner, getting good directions and a clear idea of how long it will take you to reach the appointment at the time that you will go is vital. Spending a little bit of time in advance will be well worth it if you can avoid showing up late or having some sort of drama getting to the interview on time.

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