Tips For A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Great Tips for a Job Interview

Tips for a job interview tend to disappoint the people who ask for them. That’s because the most useful information is typically the most common. Tips for a job interview like “prepare well and ahead of time” and “wear what is appropriate to the office” aren’t that exciting, or novel, but turn out to be the most effective. By comparison, supposedly revolutionary advice about mirroring the interviewer’s body language, or answering questions in some specific way sound exciting but have mixed or non-existent results in the job interview.

That said, the best tips for a job interview are the following. Research the job as thoroughly as is humanly possible. Create a clear and detailed summary of what the interviewer is looking for. Look for examples in your own personal and professional history that make you appear to be that kind of candidate. Create narratives that highlight these examples, and which parallel the requirements of the target job. Show up for the interview on time. Wear appropriate interview clothing. Smile a lot. Allow the interviewer to lead the interview. Get a business card from everyone you speak to. Make notes after the interview about what you talked about in the interview, and what seemed to be of greatest interest to the interviewer. Write a thank you note immediately after the interview. Use your notes to find information of value to the interviewer and add that to the thank you note. Check back after a week or two if you haven’t heard from the interviewer.

Tips for a Job Interview Continued...

All of these tips for a job interview are designed to make you appear to be a perfect fit for the job in question. Starting with the research, your goal is not to sell the interviewers on your intelligence, your potential, your flexibility or your personality. Instead, you are selling the interviewer on your ability to come in and start doing the job right away, and continue to grow in the career. The tactic that you use to make this sales pitch is simple. You discover what the target hire needs to do and you tell the interviewer stories of doing just that already in your career.

These tips for a job interview do not encourage lying or making up experience. What they do is suggest that employer is not interested in risk, or potential success. They are looking for someone who they can be sure of from the very beginning. The best guarantee that you can give them is to establish that you have already performed the required actions before in your career and obtained the desired results. For someone who has already worked in that job or industry, this is simpler. But even for someone making a career change, it is possible to describe your experience in a way that matches or parallels the experience that the target job requires.

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