The Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Success in the Job Interview

As any job seeker can tell you, there is a job interview and there is THE job interview. THE job interview is for the dream job, the one that you have been going to school to prepare for, the one that you have been taking internships to learn about, the one that you really want. For THE job interview, simply preparing is not going to be enough. Put it this way, if you would iron your shirt for a job interview, then you would go out and buy a new suit for THE job interview. Luckily, preparing for the interview is more or les the same as preparing for any job interview. The steps are the same. Depending on how determined to get the job you are, the level of effort that you put into the steps will certainly be higher.

One good mental construct to keep in mind when you prepare for the job interview is the imaginary scenario of an employee asked to interview for his or her current job. Imagine the strategic and effective way that employee would be able to answer the job interview questions. He or she would know the required skill set, and would have plenty of the exact required experience to speak about. He or she would know what the desired results of the job were, and have several examples of achieving that result to show off. He or she would know what characteristics and attributes the corporate culture values, and would have stories of exhibiting those characteristics to tell. At the end of the job interview, itís unlikely that the interviewer would be able to find a more qualified candidate than the person who already has that job.

More Strategies for the Job Interview

As you prepare for the job interview, this concept should be your ideal goal. Though itís not likely that you can amass the specific job knowledge of a current employee, you can learn about the job duties, the desired results and the valued characteristics. When you know them, think of the kinds of examples from your job and personal history that you would use to prove that you have accomplished those job duties, have achieved those results, and have exhibited those characteristics. Those are going to the key points that you want to make in the job interview. When the interviewer asks you questions designed to elicit the information that he or she is interested in, your response with these examples and stories will provide just that.

As a rule of thumb, the job interview answers that you give in the form of a story tend to be the most memorable, vivid and relevant to the interviewer. It helps if you tell the story in a way that makes the situation, the actions you take and the results you achieve all as similar as possible to the target job. Being able to do this effectively is, after all, why you did all the research that you did.

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