Thank You Note For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Use a Thank You Note for a Job Interview?

The thank you note for job interview can be used for more than simply saying thanks for the meeting. If it is written to include some information that the interviewer would appreciate, it can be a way to display some of the positive attributes of your character, to create a relationship with the interviewer and to make your communications more valuable to the people who receive them. The way to do this is by including a piece of information called the informational gift with your thank you letter. The informational gift is a piece of knowledge that you believe the interviewer would find useful. That information can be as in-depth as a published article or as simple as a list or contact person.

You decide what informational gift to include in your thank you note for job interview by paying attention to the interviewer during the meeting. During your conversation, you are likely to see that some topics or subjects crate more interest and attention from the interviewer tan others. Whether those topics are professional or personal, they will be the subjects of your informational gift. As you write your thank you note, be sure to make that inclusion sound natural and organic. Begin the thank you note with a sentence of appreciation for the interview, express continued interest in the position, and invite the interviewer to contact you for more information or talk later. Lastly, preface the informational gift.

A Sample Thank You Note for a Job Interview

A good thank you note for job interview would go something like this: “Thank you so much for your time and attention on Thursday. I enjoyed the chance to learn more about the position and can say that I am more excited than ever about the opening now. Please feel free to give me a call to set up another meeting at your convenience. Thanks. One more thing. During our talk, you noted the “running” hobby on my resume and said that you had been looking for a way to get back to running again. Here is the web address for the running club I belong to. There are chapters all over town, and it’s very opening to people at all levels. I hope that you come out sometime and go on a run with us.

This thank you note for job interview stands out very starkly from the typical thank you note that interviewers receive. It shows that the candidate pays attention to the things that he or she hears the interviewer says, then takes action on them later. Additionally, it creates a slight relationship between the two of them. The candidate isn’t just another candidate anymore. He or she is the one who gave the interviewer a tip on how to join a running club. For this reason, the interviewer is likely to be much more welcoming of future communications from the candidate than from the average job seeker who comes in for an interview.

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