Thank You Note After Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Thank You Note After The Job Interview?

Depending on how you write it, the thank you note after job interview can be a simple piece of courteous fluff, or it can be a strategic job-getting communication. To write is as a simple thank you note, simply follow this format. Begin with thanking the interviewer for his or her time. Then express a continued interest in the open position. Close with an invitation to speak again or to have a second interview. To write a more effective thank you note, simply write those exact same elements, plus add one more factor, the informational gift.

The informational gift in the thank you note after job interview is the piece of knowledge, information or tip that you believe that the interviewer would appreciate. This gift does not have to be elaborate, expensive or even particularly useful to provide benefits to the writer. The informational gift elevates the thank you note after job interview because it distinguishes your letter from the many other letters that do not contain useful information. What’s more, including this information shows the interviewer that you paid attention to what he or she said, anticipated his or her needs and provided something that he or she wanted before you needed to be asked. Lastly, the informational gift creates a slight relationship between the interviewer and yourself, making your future communications much more likely to be read.

Thank You Note After Job The Interview Continued...

To add the informational gift to the thank you not after job interview advice, you must first pay close attention to the interview that you have. Note any topics or subjects that you notice the interviewer seems to be especially interested in. These subjects might come up as the two of you discuss the professional aspects of your experience, or might be brought up during the more personal, get to know you part of the interview. In either case, write a quick note after the interview about the topic and look for some information that is relevant to that subject. The informational gift might be as simple as a link to an article, a list of restaurants, or a contact name and number.

In your thank you note after job interview, be sure to let the interviewer know why you sent that piece of information. Simply write something like “during our conversation, you mentioned that you wanted to get back into running seriously again. That reminded me that friend of mine belongs to a running club which has a lot of training sessions specifically for people trying to return to the sport after some time off. The club’s name is On The Run Again, and they’ve got a website at this address… Hope you get a chance to work out with them sometime.” Even if that interviewer never goes to that website or joins that running club, you got the benefit of the effort you took to provide that interviewer with something that he or she was interested in.

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