Thank You Letters After Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

Writing thank you letters after job interview isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. If you do it right, though, you can increase your chances of getting your dream job, which means that you can take a nice long break from job interviews (and letters after interviews). Writing a thank you letter is 90% automatic. Once you’ve gotten one of them finished, you can just change the address and salutation to send it for the rest of your job search. If you are emailing it, you can just cut and paste into the body of a new email.

Most thank you letters after job interview sound more or less the same. The letter starts with an expression of gratitude for the interview, then moves onto informing the interviewer that you are still interested. Finish with an invitation to contact you again and sign off, and you have completed the basic thank you letter. If you want to push the effectiveness, you can add an element called the informational gift. The informational gift is a piece of knowledge or information that you believe the interviewer would appreciate and be grateful for. This information could be selected because of something the interviewer said when the two of you spoke in the interview.

Using Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

Imagine, if your interviewer mentioned a specific interest during your interview, you could add something about that interest in your thank you letters after job interview. That something doesn’t even have to be involved or that impressive. A simple link to a published article, a relevant contact name, or a list somehow related to that subject should be plenty. Before sending it on, however, be sure to put a note in your thank you letter that explains how and why you opted to send this information. Refer back to the conversation you had in the interview, such as “in our interview, you mentioned that you would be skiing in Aspen this season. A buddy of mine who lives out there recommended that I go to this one restaurant that is supposed to be amazing. I’m passing this on to you and hope you get a chance to eat there and tell me about it.”

Adding an informational gift to your thank you letters after job interview accomplishes several tasks. In the first place, it distinguishes you from the many other letters that the interviewer will receive. In the second place, it reminds the interviewer of the good interactions you had. In the third place, it demonstrates that you are in the habit of anticipating other people’s needs and meeting them without being told to. In the fourth place, it creates a small bit of a relationship between yourself and the interview, at least compared to the other candidates. Lastly, it makes the interviewer believe that communication from you has something of value for him or her in it. This is a high return for something that only takes a few minutes to do.

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