Thank You Letter For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

The Thank You Letter for Job Interview Secret Advantage

The thank you letter for job interview is frequently written by job seekers, but rarely is given used to its full potential. Instead of using this letter as a piece of strategic communication, which will make important points about the candidate, and move the job search process forward, these candidates merely use the letter as a chance to be polite. Typically, these job seekers were the sort or thank you letter that the interviewer has seen a million times before. It starts with thanking the interviewer, it expresses interest in the position and invites the interviewer to contact the job seeker again.

Written out, the thank you letter for job interview goes something like the following: “Thank you for your time to speak with me on Monday afternoon. I appreciated the chance to learn more about the company and can say that I am more interested than ever in the opportunity. Please feel free to give me another call and set up a second interview at your convenience.” Though there isn’t anything specifically wrong with that kind of letter, it has a couple of problems. Besides the “seen a million times before” aspect, this kind of thank you letter doesn’t give the interviewer anything to reward him or her for paying attention to the letter. It’s all about the applicant and what the applicant wants.

More Thank You Letter for Job Interview Secrets

The way to turn the thank you letter for job interview into a powerful job-getting tool is to add an element that not only gives the interviewer something new and interesting, but also provides a reward for his or her time. That something is the informational gift. The informational gift is a tidbit of information that the interviewer would appreciate and find valuable. The applicant pays attention to the interview, notes the topics and subjects which seem to interest and excite the interviewer, then finds relevant information to send with the thank you letter for job interview. For instance, if the interviewer appeared to be interested in a new marketing project, or an upcoming business trip overseas, or in the hobby written on the applicant’s resume, then the informational gift would be something relevant to one of those topics.

To attach the informational gift to the thank you letter for job interview, the applicant just needs to point out the reason he or she is attaching it and send it along. For instance, a thank you note might include the following sentence “During our talk, you mentioned that you would be spending a week in Chicago this month. I’ve included the names and addresses of some of my favorite steak houses in the area. I hope you get a chance to visit at least one of them while you are there.” Alternatively, the gift could be an article in a publication or a contact name or any other piece of information. The important thing is that including it shows that you paid attention during the interview, that you think of others, and that you execute well

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