Thank You Letter After Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Thank You Letter After Job Interview Secrets

The thank you letter after job interview can be used for one of two purposes. It can be a simple thank you note. Or it can be a strategic communication that highlights your outstanding characteristics and creates a friendly relationship between you and the interviewer. If you want to go for the first option, and simply write a polite thank you note, here’s how to do that. Write a thank you note that begins with saying thank you for the interview, that expresses continued interest in the position and that invites the interviewer to contact you again. Then send that.

Here’s an example of that kind of thank you letter after job interview: “Dear Interviewer. Thank you for your time and attention on Monday. I enjoyed learning about the company and the opportunity. After what I’ve heard, I’m more interested than ever. Please feel free to contact me again for further information or to set up another meeting. Sincerely, Job Seeker.” This fulfills all the requirements of a polite thank you letter and should not take more than a few minutes to write and mail or email to the recipient. If you want to make your thank you letter after job interview fit in the second category; the useful, strategic communication category, you may need to spend a little more time.

Your Thank You Letter After Job Interview Strategy

To turn your thank you letter after job interview into the kind of communication that sets you apart from the crowd, that highlights your positive attributes and that creates a relationship with the interviewer, you might have to spend a little more time an d effort. This time and effort will start during the interview. During your talk with the interviewer take mental note of the areas of interest of the interviewer. Whether it is during the personal chitchat section of the interview, or the business part, there should be an area where the interviewer shows some sort of heightened attention to the subject. That is an area in which you can contribute to the interviewer’s life through the use of an informational gift. Find some sort of informational tidbit: an article, a list of names and contact details, a tip, something related to that subject.

When you write your thank you letter after job interview, the first part should look much like the boring, typical letter in the first example. Then say something like the following. “During our talk, you mentioned that you were excited about the company’s latest technology initiative. That reminded me of an article I read recently about another company that did something similar. I’ve attached that article for you to read.” This simple little addition shows that you pay attention to others, that you have intellectual curiosity and that you execute on your decisions. It also makes the interviewer think more highly of you and believe that your letters and emails are more likely to contain something of interest and value than other applicant’s. All of these things can go a long way to landing you your dream job.

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