Thank You For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

How To Say Thank You for The Job Interview

For many job seekers, the thank you for job interview letter is one of the overlooked chances to shine. These candidates simply write a thank you note and nothing more, joining the masses of other candidates who write similar notes. With a little bit of extra effort, however, these same candidates could improve their chances of getting the job by writing a thank you note that does more than just express gratitude. With the addition of a simple piece of valued information to the thank you letter, candidates can make their thank you letter stand out, can highlight some valuable characteristics of themselves, create a slight relationship with the interviewer and make that interviewer look forward to their future communications.

Most thank you for job interview letters have a very similar format. They start with the candidate thanking the interviewer for the interview. They follow that with an expression of interest in the position. They follow that with an invitation to contact the candidate for more conversations. Then they sign off. Though there is nothing inherently bad about this kind of letter, it does have the disadvantages of being typical and uninteresting to the interviewer. To remedy these problems, the letter that you write should be unique in some way and offer the interviewer something that he or she might want. A simple method of accomplishing this is by adding what it called an informational gift.

Thank You for The Job Interview Continued...

Before you write your thank you for job interview note, go over the interview that you had with the hiring manager. Did he or she express or show extreme interest in any topic, subject or issue that you discussed? Maybe he or she appeared to be particularly excited about a job initiative or about some subject that the two of you discussed on your resume. Whenever it might have happened, try to come up with a subject or topic that you believe that the interviewer would appreciate learning more about. When you write your thank you letter, add some information about that subject or topic.

Write your thank you note for job interview in the usual manner, then simply and casually add the extra information, after an explanation of why you sent it. Say “during our conversation, you mentioned that your company was switching to a new technology. That reminded me of an article I read about how to adjust to company-wide changes as smoothly as possible. I’ve attached the article and hope that you find it useful.” Though this extra effort isn’t going to necessarily result in an automatic hire, it will certainly elevate you from the average job seeker’s thank you letter.

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