Successful Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to a Successful Job Interview

Your strategy for a successful job interview is best realized by creating a clear vision of the kind of candidate you want to be during the interview. You want to be the kind of candidate who the interviewer knows is capable of performing the required tasks immediately upon hire. You want to be the kind of candidate who obtains the most valued results for the company. You want to be the kind of candidate who clearly fits productively into the corporate culture. To best appear to be that kind of a candidate, your model should be someone who already fits all those categories: A current employee of the company.

Imagine the successful job interview that a current employee would have for their position. They would not have to guess what the company is looking for. They would not have to guess what questions the company would ask. And they would know exactly what answers the company is looking for. Because of their in-depth knowledge of what the company is looking for in that position, the answers they could give the interviewers would create the most attractive image possible. They would know all the job duties, could give example of the most valued results and convincingly give stories of how they had contributed to the corporate culture. If you can develop that level of knowledge, then you can have that kind of strategic advantage when you craft and deliver your interview answers.

Successful Job Interview Preparation Secrets

Clearly you canít achieve exactly the same level of familiarity with a target company as an existing employee, but you can still ensure a successful job interview. At the very minimum, you should do the research necessary to give you a clear understanding of the jobís day to day duties, the jobís most desired results, and the characteristics and attributes which the corporate culture most values. Some of this information will come from published sources, but other pieces may come from in person research that you conduct with those in your social circle who are familiar with the company and field. Use this information to guess what questions your target employer is likely to ask you to elicit information about these areas from you.

A successful job interview can be yours if you successfully prepare your stories of job experience in a way that convincingly presents your experience as preparatory for the target job. To do this, practice ways of describing your success on the job in ways that mirror or parallel the successes the target company is looking for from their next hire. As a general rule, telling these examples in the form of stories with a situation, an action and a result will make them more vivid, memorable and persuasive. The more convincingly you can demonstrate that you have already achieved the target jobs and obtained the desired results, the more likely your interview is to result in a hire.

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