Second Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Your Second Job Interview Strategy "Secret"

For many job seekers, getting the second job interview is one of the more nerve-racking developments in the job search. On the positive side, these job seekers know that they are closer to the job than before. After a second interview, the next step is generally a hiring decision. On the other hand, the second interview is often seen as more grueling and testing than the first one. The company is that much closer to making their decision, and wants to find out even more in-depth information before they can make their decision. Fortunately, there is a solution to pre-interview nerves, and that solution is research and practice. Before you go into your second interview, you want to get a clear idea of what youíre going into, and prepare accordingly.

What information have you been given before your second job interview? At the minimum, you should have been given the name and title of the person you will see. Is it possible to find a bio of him or her, either on the Internet or by calling the company and asking for it. Use that bio to get a sense of whom you will be speaking to. Does that person have a strong educational background or did he or she work his way up in the company from an entry-level job? What department or specialty did this interviewer spend the majority of his or her career in? though itís tricky trying to second-guess what an interviewer will be like beforehand, the more information you have the better you can prepare. Additionally, what kind of feedback have you been given so far? Have the companies shared their evaluations of where you may be qualified and areas where they want to investigate further? Are there areas that you feel you presented yourself more strongly, and others in which you were weaker?

More Second Job Interview Advice

One thing that you can be sure of is that if you are going into the second job interview, your technical and job-specific skills have been deemed worthy of the position. If not, you would have been screened out after the resume read and first interview. For that reason, you can be pretty sure that the second interview will most likely focus on the intangible areas of your candidacy. How do you fit in the corporate culture? Are you ready to take on leadership roles? What kind of energy and management skill will you bring to the company? Is the management team going to want to work with you on a daily basis for the foreseeable future?

Answering these questions in the second job interview is no different from answering them in the first. The key is to know what the company is looking for and to provide stories that highlight those skills and experiences. Tell these stories with a definite beginning, middle and end, and be sure to describe the situation, the actions you took and the results you achieved. The more closely you can make those three elements of situation, action and result match up with the situations, actions and results of the target job the more suitable you will appear for the job.

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