Sample Job Interview Questions

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Sample Job Interview Questions Secrets

The bad news about sample job interview questions is that the ones you will find on the Internet usually donít have much use to the typical job seeker. Thatís because the job interview questions which are general enough to apply to everyone, are not the questions that make or break a candidate. The important questions are typically the ones that are specific to that job, that field or that industry. Going online or looking at some list of sample questions is not likely to prepare you for that specific set of questions. The good news is that creating your own sample job interview questions is a simple task.

To create sample job interview questions that apply directly to your target job, you need to learn some important information about that job. First, you need to learn what the specific day-to-day duties of the job are. Second, you need to understand the corporate culture, and what role the person in this target job would play in that corporate culture. Third, you need to be clear on what accomplishments and results the target job values most. A good place to start learning this information is on the Internet. A thorough research, however, will not end there. Much of the information you want to know is informally stored, in the heads of people who work in the industry, the field and that company. So a significant part of your research should include talking to people about the target company and job.

More Sample Job Interview Questions Strategies

When you know all of the important issues about the target company, you can create a list of specific job interview questions you are likely to receive more or less automatically. Basically, the interviewer is going to ask you the questions that will reveal whether you meet all the requirements and preferences for that job. If you have to sail a boat as part of your day-to-day duties, you will probably receive some questions about your sailing abilities. If the job requires someone with a high level of patience, dealing with difficult customers you will probably be asked if you have patience dealing with difficult customers.

To really answer these sample job interview questions in the most convincing way, you need to be able to go beyond a simple yes and no answer. If the interviewer asks you if you have patience dealing with customers and you simply say yes, you donít set yourself apart from every other candidate who will say yes. But if you follow that yes up with a story about a difficult customer you were able to make into a profitable and loyal customer, your answer becomes much more persuasive. Since you already have a great deal of information about the company and their culture, the more you can mold that story to be similar to the requirements of the job the more successful the story. The easier you make it for the interviewer to relate the story of your past success to future success at the target job, the better.

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