Sample Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Sample Job Interview Secrets

A sample job interview is a great way to prepare yourself for the real thing with your target company. However, to give yourself every advantage, spend the time and effort ahead of time to make the sample interview as realistic as possible. One necessity for doing this is to have your sample interviewer go into the interview with the same priorities and requirements as the target company, and to ask you the same questions that that target company might. If you know someone who has recently interviewed for that position with that company, you might be able to get this information directly from him or her. If not, you might have to generate it yourself.

To generate questions for your sample job interview, learn as much as you can about what the target job does, how the employee does it, and what constitutes a successful employee at that job. That information should give you a lot of clues about what the interviewer will ask you in the interviewer. Namely, he or she will ask you the questions that reveal whether you can do the job and get the desired results. To succeed in the interview, your answers need to add up to a big “yes!” To make sure that your answers convincingly say that you can do the job, you will need to do more than simply make that statement. You need to be able to back it up with stories, examples and proof from your job and personal history.

More Sample Interview Secrets

For your sample interview answers, take the elements, accomplishments and successes that the interviewer will be looking for and create a miniature story or example of a time when you displayed or accomplished those things. Make each story as self contained and complete as possible, for maximum vividness and persuasiveness. Give the situation, the actions and the results for each one. To be really convincing, make sure that the situation, actions and results match as closely as possible to the situations, actions and results of the target job. If you can do this, you will be in effect describing your successful performance in the target job. When you have prepared a number of these narratives, you are ready to practice them.

In your sample interview, have a friend ask you the questions which you have developed ahead of time. Additionally, encourage the practice interviewer to improvise and make up other questions to teach you how to deal with surprises in the interview. If you have recorded the interview on videocassette, review it later and look for examples of when you hesitated or did not turn each question into a selling point for your competency. If you did not videotape the interview go over each question with the sample interviewer and ask for feedback of your strong and weak points. The best part about a sample interview is that you can keep trying again and again until you get comfortable.

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