Questions To Ask During A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Knowing what questions to ask during a job interview is often a question of knowing what questions NOT to ask in a job interview. First, don’t ask any questions that deal with money. Not how much the job pays. Not how much the interviewer makes. Not how much the company makes. Sure, it’s ridiculous that interviewers and candidates have to pretend like money isn’t on either of their minds when they sit across from one another but there’s a reason for it. Namely, your bargaining position is stronger when you have a clear idea of what the job requirements are, and can do the research to see what the going market rate for that job is. Bringing up monetary matters before the interviewer shoes a lack of experience in the process and can hurt you with the interviewer.

Second, questions to ask during a job interview should never be the kind of stations that you could answer for yourself with some basic research. If the answer to your question could be discovered with a minimum about of reading and talking about the firm, asking that question in the interview is likely to be embarrassing. As an extreme example, imagine that a candidate went into the job interview and asked “what does this company do?” Nobody expects the candidate to be a historian, or expert on the interviewer, but he or she should at least know what the job does, what results it values, and how the job fits into the company and industry as a whole.

More Questions to Ask During Job a Interview

Third, bad questions to ask durian job interview are questions that impel the interviewer to disparage existing teammates. Though it is true that people are sometimes added to the workforce to remedy problems in the existing staff, managers do not like to have to say negative things in front of strangers. As a result, if you are asking about the company’s shortcomings or problems, you put that manager in a tough spot. He or she will probably not offer an honest or useful answer, for one thing, but will also resent you for creating that situation.

Good questions to ask during a job interview are ones that you sincerely need to know before you can make your choice to work there. If, for instance, you want to make a career change to work in a specific field more deeply, you need to discover for yourself how likely that is to happen in the target position. Questions that get the interviewer talking about the company or his or her opinions are also good too. For instance “what changes are you most excited about seeing here?” or “what brought you to work here?” These questions not only give you a personal perspective, but also give you some insight into the interviewer’s mindset. When you have a bit more insight into what he or she values and is interested it, then you can continue your interview in a way that he or she would appreciate more.

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