Questions To Ask At A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

The questions to ask at a job interview are as important to the impression you make as the answers you give. Smart, incisive, relevant questions demonstrate your intelligence just as clearly as smart, incisive, relevant answers. Luckily, the very same process that allows you to give smart answers to interview questions gives you a head start on asking questions like that as well. Specifically, the more you know about the job and the company, the better you can ask the kinds of questions which solicit the answers you need to make your best career decision, while convincing the interviewer that you are the candidate best for the job. Ultimately, this requires you do some serious thinking and research into the job and company.

The questions to ask at a job interview should come from a place of knowledge, not ignorance. That is to say that the questions that you ask should be filling in specific gaps of knowledge or asking for a kind of overview perspective from the interviewer, not requesting a complete data dump. For instance, to make a ludicrous example, going into the interview, sitting down and asking “So, what is this job supposed to do?” would not elicit a useful response. That is just too much information for the interviewer to give you during the limited time of the job interview. Neither would that question give the interviewer much confidence in your suitability for the job.

Your Questions to Ask In a Job Interview Strategy

Before you even consider what questions to ask at a job interview, do the research you need first. At a minimum, you should know in clear terms what the duties of the job are, what kind of attributes the company prefers in employees, and what results the company values above all others. Any information you can gather about the company, their recent history, their competitive position and the like is going to be helpful as well. With all this information, is there any additional info which you would like to get from the interviewer to help you make up your mind about the job? That’s a great question to ask in a job interview. Before you go in, think of a handful of questions like this. If the interviewer does not address them in his or her comments, ask away.

If you cannot think of some specific questions to ask in a job interview, then a good strategy to use is to ask the interviewer to summarize something for you. For instance, you might ask “In your opinion, what are the three most important changes that this company is making right now?” Or you might want to ask the interviewer for his personal insight. For instance, a question like “What attracted to come work for this company, over all the other opportunities you must have had?” This gives a relevant psychological insight that is worth hearing, as well as giving the interviewer a chance to talk, which everyone loves to do.

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