Preparing For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Secrets to Preparing for a Job Interview

The secret to preparing for a job interview is knowing what it truly means to be prepared. With that goal established in your mind, the preparation becomes easier. For one thing you have a sense of what the goal of your preparation should be. For another, you have a clear sense of what aspects you need to focus more intensely on should be. Lastly, you have an accurate sense of when you can stop preparing because you are ready to succeed in the interview. For the purpose of creating a job interview preparation goal, begin with the image of yourself interviewing for your own current job and imagine the level of knowledge and strategy that you would bring into that interview.

Preparing for a job interview with that image in mind shows both the level of job-specific knowledge you need to have, and the advantages of having that knowledge. If you were interviewing for your own job, you would be able to answer each question put to you with the most convincing and effective answer possible. Since you know what your job duties are, you could talk about those to the interviewer and he or she would gain confidence that you are capable of coming in and doing that job for the company immediately. Since you know what the corporate culture values, you could emphasize those qualities about yourself and make the interviewer believe that you would fit into the company well. Most importantly, you would know what results the company valued above all others, and could speak about the times when you accomplished those results.

More on Preparing for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview until you have an employee’s level of knowledge requires more than merely checking out the corporate website online. You should learn as much as you can about the company through published pieces, then supplement that knowledge with as much as you can learn from people who have first hand knowledge. Use your social network to find the people who work in that field, that industry and that company. Ask them what they know about the company. In specific, you should know what the daily responsibilities of your position are, what results the company respects most, and what attributes the company looks for in their hires.

The last step of preparing for a job interview is formulating your answers to the questions you will encounter. It’s a safe bet to think that the company is going to ask you questions that bring out information about those three important topics. Your job as an interviewee is to answer the questions using your life and job experience in a way that convinces the interviewer that you have already performed the daily duties, fit into that culture and achieved those desired results already in your career. As you answer each job interview question, be sure to bring out those experiences to the interviewer, making each one of them as relevant and similar to the requirements of the job as you possibly can.

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