Preparing For A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Preparing for a Job Interview

The goal of preparing for a job interview is to go into the interview with a clear idea of what the interviewer is looking for in a new hire, and to have plenty of convincing evidence that you are exactly that. Knowing what the interviewer is looking for requires a considerable amount of research and investigation into the duties, requirements, expectations, and culture of the job. Compiling the convincing evidence that shows that you are indeed that person requires that you look into your personal and professional history with an eye towards picking out the stories and examples which portray you as the desired kind of job candidate. Though it may take some time and effort, fortunately, preparing for a job interview is not a complex or confusing task.

As you go about preparing for a job interview by doing research, one hypothetical scenario which shows the value of job knowledge to consider is how well you would perform on an interview for your own position. If you were expected to go into an interview and convince the interviewer that you were qualified for the job you currently hold, that would be quite simple. You know the duties, you know the expectations, you understand the corporate culture. What’s more, you would have plenty of examples of how you have succeeded in that job. You could point to accomplishments and results that you know the company values, and quite easily convince the interviewer that you could go perform that job immediately. That is the kind of knowledge that you would like to attain with your research into the target company.

More Job Interview Preparation Secrets

This image of interviewing for your own job also helps you in the job interview preparation task of creating convincing narratives. During a job interview, interviewers will try to determine whether you have the characteristics they desire, and can achieve the results they desire. Since they know that anyone can say what an interviewer wants to hear, these interviewers look for more proof. An effective way to provide this proof to an interviewer is by giving examples and stories in which you display the desired characteristics or achieve the desired results. In the case of applying for your own job, that would be easy. Any success story you tell would be relevant and convincing to the interviewer.

Job interview preparation for other jobs requires a bit more thought, but not much. Since you know what the target company is looking for, you can go through your job history and personal experiences and find the success stories which match up the closest. Those will be the centerpiece of your job interviews. Wait until the interviewer gives you a prompt or opening to talk about why you are qualified for the position, or asks you about your experience in the tasks that the job requires. With your examples ready to go, you should be able to quickly point out relevant and impressive accomplishments. As you tell these stories, remember that the more closely you can match them to the requirements and environment of the target job, the more convinced the interviewer will be.

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