Prepare For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Knowing how to prepare for job interview should be on the curriculum of every student who goes through the educational system. After all, it is that information which will enable the student to enter the job search after graduation, and to excel in all the interviews that he or she will need to go through before getting their dream job. In that curriculum, the first thing that the student should tell the class is that job interview preparation is not something that someone can put off until the last moment, then cram in at the last minute. Instead it is the sort of thing that directly rewards those who start the earliest, and do the most thorough job.

To prepare for job interview, it helps to have a clear conception of what your preparation will deliver. In an ideal world, the goal is simple. Your preparation for the job interview would ideally give you the same level of job knowledge as a current employee in that position has. This is not possible, of course, but if it were imagine how well that employee would perform on that job interview. He or she would know all the most important factors that the employer looks for in the job interview: Experience in the daily job duties, desired results, and valued contributions to corporate culture. Consequently, that employee could answer all the interviewer’s questions in just the way that would result in the best interview results. In other words, because of his inside knowledge he or she could shape the examples he or she gives in a way to make sure that they gave exactly the right impression in these three areas to receive the job offer.

Prepare for a Job Interview the right way

As you prepare for job interview, consider learning as much as you can about these three topics. Learning about the daily job duties, the desired results and the corporate culture might require investigations and research of published materials. Additionally, learning about these things will require personal research and conversations with people familiar with that field and company. Once you’ve learned about what the company is looking for, you are ready for the next stage of preparation. The successful job candidate is typically the one who can answer the job questions in ways that not only address the stated question, but also provide evidence, proof and examples of his or her suitability for the job.

Prepare for job interview questions by taking your job and personal history and using it to portray yourself as the company’s ideal candidate. Compile some stories about yourself, using the skills needed to fulfill the job’s daily duties. Prepare some anecdotes about yourself accomplishing the goals and achieving the results that the company values most highly. Craft some examples of times when you contributed to the corporate culture in the way that the target job is expected to do. These stories will help the target company interviewer visualize you performing in exactly these same ways on the target job, and cause that interviewer to believe you are well qualified.

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