Mock Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

How To Do A Mock Job Interview

A mock job interview can be a powerful training tool in your efforts to become an effective, offer-getting job interviewer. In the mock job interview you practice all the techniques that you need to use to turn job interview questions into opportunities to sell yourself to the interviewer. If you can videotape this interview, thatís even better. That will allow you to take a look at yourself from the perspective of the interviewer and see the areas where you need the greatest improvement. For maximum results, you should incorporate the mock job interview training process with the efforts to prepare for an actual interview. That way the research and practice you do for the real interview and the mock interview can reinforce one another.

To prepare for a mock job interview, the first step is to do intensive research on the target job you are interviewing for. As a general rule, this is one area that pays bigger and bigger rewards the more thoroughly and fully you do it. In an ideal world, you would like to be as informed about the job as a current employee of that job is. Though that is an unlikely prospect, at the very least you can get a clear and accurate picture of what the job does on a daily basis, what results the company expects from that employee and what attributes and characteristics the company culture believes indicate a successful employee. To gather this information, you will likely rely on a combination of researching published or online material with a lot of personal interviews and investigations of people who have worked in that company or field.

More Mock Job Interview Advice

Use this information to prepare for your mock job interview and real job interview by first compiling a list of the top ten or fifteen elements that you believe the job requires. Those things could include specific experience, a history achieving specific results, educational background, characteristics, and attributes, whatever your research shows to be of greatest interest to the target company. Itís a very good bet that this list is a pretty good guide to what questions the interviewer is going to ask you. For that reason, as you look over that list, think of ways that an interviewer would ask you a question to find out whether or not you possess those elements. Write those questions out for the mock interviewer to use.

Now you know both the questions that the interviewer will ask and the answers he or she wants, you are ready to prepare the answers for your mock job interview. Turn your existing experience, attributes and characteristics into examples, anecdotes and evidence that would convince the listener that you have the desired attributes. Provide a brief synopsis of the situation, the actions you took and the results you achieve for each attribute or element for the mock interviewer. In addition, have the interviewer throw unforeseen questions at you to teach you how to quickly use the example and anecdote system to answer questions that come as a surprise.

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