Job Phone Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Phone Interview Secrets

The candidate scheduled for a job phone interview needs to be just as on top of his or her game as the candidate called into an in person interview. That’s because many interviewers use the job phone interview as a screening mechanism for deciding whether or not to grant an in person, or “real” interview. Typically, a job interview is scheduled for the phone during situations when the candidate is neither obviously qualified or unqualified for the position based on his or her resume. In cases like this, the interviewer does not want to spend his or her valuable business day on an interview that could take hours of time. Instead he or she will agree to a phone interview that will last fifteen or twenty minutes, then decide whether or not to follow that up with an in-person interview later.

For this reason, the job phone interview should tend to focus on the technical and experience portions of the candidate’s background. In essence, the interviewer is trying to decide if the person has the bare minimum technical competence over the phone. If the answer to that question is yes, then the interviewer will seek to discover more about their personal attributes and characteristics in person. If the answer to that question is no, then the interviewer will not have wasted a full interview spot on the candidate. For that reason, if you have a phone interview, it’s your duty to prep yourself to deal with this technical probing with competence and confidence.

Job Phone Interview Secrets Continued...

The secret to the job phone interview is to discover in advance what the interviewer will talk about and prepare answers on that topic. This is usually easier than it sounds. After all, the interviewer isn’t likely to ask you about football scores and pony riding techniques or any other random subject. He or she will focus most intently on your technical skills at the job in question and the experience you bring to the job. All of the company’s desired skills and experience can be discovered through research, both online and in person by asking people familiar with the job and company. Once you get a clear idea of what the interviewer is going to ask, you can begin formulating your experience in ways that will be the most persuasive and convincing for him or her.

If you have been working in a similar job already, this part of the phone job interview should be easy for you. You know what the most important skills and results are to the target opening, and should have some good examples of achieving those already. Try to have some good anecdotes and examples ready to go, in which you analyze a problem, take action and deliver valued results. If possible, make the story you tell as similar as possible to the situation at the target company. Hearing you speak about your results and achievements in a similar arena will give the interviewer the assurance that you are technically ready to have an in person interview.

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