Job Interview Weakness

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Overcome a Job Interview Weakness

If you have a job interview weakness that is preventing you form getting the dream jobs that you want, do not despair. The fact that you know it puts you well on the route to overcoming it once and for all and even turning it into a strength. Often those very things which start out as a weak point which requires our attention to remedy wind up being the thing we get better at due to that extra work, while the areas which we naturally excel at suffer from a lack of attention and growth. To put this work to your benefit, itís important to determine where your true job interview weakness is to be found. This can be very difficult. Job interviews donít give candidates much in the way of feedback. Typically we either get the job or we do not.

After enough interviews, however, a job interview weakness pattern may start to emerge. One key to consider is if you came out of the job thinking that you didnít know enough about the job, or truly lacked the experience that it required or if you came out of the interview thinking that you knew what the interviewer wanted, but simply didnít convey it well enough. These two different scenarios are clues to two different kinds of job interview weaknesses. The first difficulty is a sign that you donít have the required job knowledge and experience for the job. The second problem is that you lack the theory and practice to put together great job interview answers.

Job Interview Weakness Tips

For the first kind of job weakness, the lack of interview-specific knowledge, the remedy is research. You should go into the interview with about as much knowledge as you can gather about the target job, company, industry and field. A mark to aim for is the same level of knowledge that someone currently working in that target position might have. At the very least, you should know what the day to day duties of the job are, what the desired results for that job are, and the characteristics that that target company desires to see in their employees. This information can be gathered by doing reading and research and by talking to people who are familiar with that industry.

For the second kind of job interview weakness, the trick is to learn how to more convincingly and completely answer interview questions. A good way to pack a lot of relevant information into the interview answer is with the use of examples and dramatizations. If the interviewer asks about your leadership skills, donít just tell him or her about your thoughts and feelings on leadership. Give an example of a time when you took leadership and achieved positive results. This story should contain the elements of situation, actions and results, and the more accurately you can make all three of these elements match the elements found at the target job the better. Ideally, you would like for the interviewer to feel that you are describing your performance and success at the target job.

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