Job Interview Weakness

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Overcoming Common Job Interview Weaknesses

Job interview weaknesses can be as simple as not knowing what to wear for an interview, or as complicated as not presenting the right kind of personality for the corporation. But whatever the weakness, the cure for that lack is generally to be found in research, preparation and practice. By far the most common job interview weaknesses are not knowing what the interviewer is looking for and not delivering an answer in a way that presents that impression. To be more clear, a job interview strength is the ability to answer each job interview question in the way that makes the interviewer believe that you are the best fit for the opening. Anything less than that offers room for improvement.

The majority of job interview weaknesses can be remedied through applied research and investigation into the opportunity. To get a sense of how important knowledge is, it helps to imagine how well you could interview for your current job. Since you know the duties of the job, the desired results and the kind of person the corporate culture values, you would have a head start on the interview. During that interview, you would be sure to discuss your experience doing that job, obtaining the valued results and displaying the characteristics the company likes best. You could not help but get that job offer.

Job Interview Weaknesses To Avoid

To avoid job weaknesses related to lack of knowledge, there is nothing more effective than doing the work to learn as much as you can about the job, the company and the industry. Though you arenít likely to get the kind of knowledge that working there would give you, you can at least learn the duties, the results and the culture. Then, you can find a way to answer any questions you are asked in such a manner that you display those attributes to the interviewer. The key to this is knowing what the interviewer wants to hear, then finding proof that that is true about yourself. If, for instance, your research shows you that the job requires someone to continually develop new business for the company, you need to find examples of times that you have done that to talk about.

Another source of fob interview weaknesses is the delivery of this information. If an interviewer merely states that he or she has a characteristic or experience delivering results, that information fails to truly convince or inspire the interviewer. Instead, that candidate needs to find a way to make that information believable, vivid and persuasive. A strong method for doing this is to create a story or narrative that describes the situation, the action and the results to the interviewer. This format has the advantage of allowing the interviewer to visualize the performance of the actions, and become persuaded that you have the required skills. The more accurately you can mirror the situation, actions and results that the target company desires the better.

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