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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Video Secrets

The job interview view is a powerful weapon to prepare yourself for your big interview with your dream job. With the use of a video recorder, you give yourself the ability to see from the perspective of the interviewer as you answer the questions that he or she will ask you. Watching those answers later, you can evaluate your performance and make whatever adjustments you have to make before you go into the real interview. None of this matters, however, if you do not accurately predict the questions that you will be asked during the job interview.

To prepare for your job interview session, do the kind of research necessary to find out the most important factors that the interviewers are looking for. The first one is the actual job duties that the target job is expected to perform on a regular basis to do his or her job. You can be sure that the interviewer will want to hear you talk about these duties, how you have learned to do them, and get a feel for your level of expertise. The second area of interest for interviewers is the area of results. The target job has a set of results they would like to see achieved and goals that they hope to reach. To determine if you can meet these goals and achieve those results, they will want to hear about your prior experience doing so.

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The last area you should research before your job interview video session is your personal attributes and characteristics. Specifically, the interviewers want to know if you have the kind of personal attributes and characteristics that will fit into and contribute to the corporate culture in a positive way. Before you begin your video recording of the interview, learn about these subjects and formulate questions that solicit information about the target duties, results and personal characteristics. Chances are, the questions that you will receive in the actual interview are similar to these questions.

In your job interview video session answer these questions in a way that addresses the implicit addition of the question, best summed up as “and prove it.” Don’t simply state that you have achieved a result or possess a specific attribute. Give a short, vivid and relevant anecdote or example of a time when you put that experience or attribute into action. That sort of narrative goes a long way towards not only making your answers more convincing but also a lot more memorable. The vivid tales you tell allow the interviewer to see your successful performance instead of just hearing about the dull facts of that experience. As you watch that job interview video later, note the areas where you run out of information and, alternately, where you wander away from the point of the example. Try to think of ways to make the situation of your experience, the actions you took and the results which you achieved parallel or mirror the situation, actions and results of the target company.

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