Job Interview Tip

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

A Top Secret Job Interview Tip

The top secret job interview tip is that there is no top secret job interview tip. Despite what other books and websites might tell you, and despite your strongest wish for an easy solution, there is no magic trick or easy method to go in and put in the convincing performance that turns a job interview into a job offer. Fortunately, there are some very effective job interview tips, even though they might actually spear to be more like common sense. To put them into an overall theme, it helps to have a mental image of the perfect image in mind. The perfect interview, the one which you would be sure to succeed, would be an interview for your own current job in disguise.

To interview for your own job, you would not even need a job interview tip. You would go in to the interview knowing all the things that you need to know to do well in the interview. For one thing, you would know what the dress code and job interview apparel expectations are, so you would be dressed appropriately. For the second thing, you would know exactly where the office was and how long it took to get there in rush hour so that you would be sure to get there in time. But most importantly, you would know what was relevant and important to the job. For starters, you would know what the day to day job duties are. You would know what the desired results are. You would know what the corporate culture was like, and what kind of person the company valued for the position. You wouldn’t need any tips about these subjects.

Another Job Interview Tip

What’s more, you would not need a job interview tip on how to convince your own supervisor that you were qualified for the job. Since you know what the duties are, you would simply describe your experience performing those duties. Since you know what results the job desires, you would simply describe incidents in which you achieved those results. Since you know what kind of personality the company is looking for, you would simply recount examples of times when you displayed those characteristics. As the supervisor heard these stories and examples, he or she would be instantly convinced that you are capable of performing the job immediately. You would get the job.

Consequently, the best job interview advice to receive is to discover all these elements about the target position before you go into the interview. The second big piece of job interview advice is to find a way to describe your current experience in such a way that it matches the duties and requirements of the job. Though it is true that this will be easier for people applying for jobs similar to the ones they currently hold, even career-switchers can find a way to make their experience apply to the target position. Another piece of advice would be to find ways to give your answers in terms of narratives which allow the interviewer to visualize your success on the job.

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