Job Interview Thank You Notes

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

The Secret to Amazing Job Interview Thank You Notes

Job interview thank you notes can be used in one of two ways. One way is to use them as a simple, pro forma note that you send an interviewer out of habit. The other way is to use them as a strategic communications tool. To use them as a way to showcase your positive qualities, to create a relationship with the interviewer, and to make that interviewer look forward to your next communication. If you are interested in using the job interview thank you note as a simple, barely noticed expression of gratitude, there are plenty of examples of thank you notes for you to base your own letter from.

The typical, commonplace job interview thank you notes format includes three main elements. The first one is an expression of gratitude, like: “Thank you for your time and information on Thursday.” The second element is an epression of continued interest. This element lets the interviewer know that you are still a viable candidate for the position. That may be written something like: “After learning about the position, I am more excited than ever by the opportunity to work for your firm.” The third and last element is the invitation to make further contact. This may be written like the following: “Please feel free to give me a call and set up another conversation or interview at your convenience.” Writing this kind of thank you note should cover all the requirements of the typical thank you note.

A Better Job Interview Thank You Notes Strategy

Turning these simple and boring job interview thank you notes into the second, productive, results-getting kind only takes a bit more work. You start the process by writing a thank you note identical to the first kind Then you think about the interview. Did you notice any area or topic that seemed to strongly interest the interviewer? That topic might have been professional or personal, one that you discussed during the more informal stage of the interview. In other words, if you had to guess what kind of information the interviewer would e interesting in receiving, what would you guess? Whatever your answer is, find a piece of information that fits in that category.

This information will be added to your job interview thank you notes as a sort of informational gift at the end. That information might be in the form of a link to an article, a contact name and number, or some sort of website which the interviewer will appreciate. Preface that informational gift with a bit of text that explains why you are sending it, like: “During our conversation, you mentioned that you are deeply involved in your company’s quality control process. That conversation reminded me of an interesting article I recently read about innovative uses of QC processes. I hope you find it interesting.” This kind of addition elevates your thank you notes up to a level where they assist your job search greatly.

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