Job Interview Thank You Note

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Thank You Note Secrets

The difference between candidates who get the job and candidates who donít often boils down to how they treat seemingly insignificant tasks like writing the job interview thank you note. The job candidates who remain candidates usually write their thank you note like the many notes that they have seen before. They donít think about the purpose of the note, they donít try to imagine how to make that note do even more for their search, they donít turn that note into a productive piece of their total marketing strategy. In other words, they just write a job interview thank you note. This not typically consists of an expression of gratitude, an expression of continued interest in the position, and an invitation to further communication.

The job interview thank you note written by the candidate looking for every advantage is different. He or she knows enough to include the minimum expected requirements of a job interview thank you note. But for him or her, that note is just the start of the process. He or she wants for every piece of his job search process to contribute to creating the impression that he or she wants to create. He or she uses each contact with the interviewer as an opportunity to convince the interviewer of the message that the interviewer believes will land the job. As a result, the motivated and creative job seeker will attempt to do more with the thank you job interview note or letter.

More Job Interview Thank You Note Considerations

When the successful candidate writes his or her job interview thank you note, he or she wants to add something of value for the reader. One efficient way to do this is to combine the note with some piece of information that the interviewer finds valuable. During the interview, itís likely that the interviewer displayed some sort of interest in some topic or subject that came up in the talk. That subject or topic might be related to the business, such as a project that the interviewer is involved in. Or that subject or topic might be unrelated to business, and have come up in the warm up to the interview. In either case, the job candidate who notices that level of interest can leverage it later.

After the candidate writes his or her job interview thank you note, he or she finds some information related to that topic or subject. By including it into the thank you note, this candidate demonstrates that he or she is perceptive, unselfish and a good executor. Whatís more, this information makes reading the thank you note so much more rewarding for the interviewer. So rewarding that he or she is much more likely to pay attention to future communications which the job seeker might send in. Though none of these advantages is by itself enough to give an unqualified candidate an edge over a qualified one, they could certainly help sway the decision of someone who could go either way.

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