Job Interview Thank You Letters

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Thank You Letters Advice

Writing job interview thank you letters frequently falls very low on the average job seeker’s list of exciting and rewarding job search actions. Typically, the average job seeker simply writes the standard job interview thank you note which thanks the interviewer for the interview, expresses continued interest in the position and makes an invitation for further contact. But the thank you letter can be a much more powerful tool. A tool which sets the interviewee apart from the crowd and makes the interviewer look forward to getting future communications from him or her. All it takes is the extra work and attention to add the element known as the “informational gift.”

Job interview thank you letters which have an informational gift contain pieces of information which the interviewer might find valuable. This might be an article about a business subject, a contact name for someone or a list of some sort. To give the informational gift, the job seeker simply pays close attention to the interviewer during the interview, notes the subjects which the interviewer appears to be particularly interested in, then makes a note of those interests after the interview. Afterwards, he or she does a bit of research, puts together some pieces of information which relate to the subject, and attaches it to the job interview thank you letter.

Job Interview Thank You Letters Secret Weapon

The job interview thank you letters which contain the informational gift might go something like the following: “thank you for your time and attention on Monday. The more I learned about the opportunity, the more interested in the job I have become. I look forward to speaking with you further as the interview process continues. Feel free to give me a call to set up another talk whenever you like. Thanks. P.S. I really appreciated the background you gave me on the company’s new online marketing efforts. After our talk I found an article about a similar effort by another company which you might find interesting. It’s online at this website address. When the interviewer receives this thank you note a couple of things happen. IN the first place, he or she gets something that is of value to him in the letter. It’s not simply you talking about what YOU want and what YOU feel.

In the second place job interview thank you letters which contain the informational gift show that you pay attention to other people. In many service industries, that is the number one requirement for success in customer relations, sales and consulting practices. In the last place, this thank you letter actually makes the interviewer look forward to another communication from you. After all, he or she might receive some more information which he or she finds valuable from you. This last bit is very important. Often, employers take weeks or even months filling a position. If you simply wait patiently for them to make their decision, they could easily forget about you by the time they make their final choice. If you have established a rapport with the interviewer that lets you check in from time to time, you can keep yourself in the top of their mind.

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