Job Interview Thank You Letter

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Thank You Letter Secrets

The job interview thank you letter is one of the least utilized job landing tools in the average job seeker’s toolbox. For many job seekers, this letter is just a formality that he or she goes through as a courtesy to the interviewer. Though there is nothing wrong with being courteous, it is a shame to waste a communication opportunity on something so simple as a mere thank you. As a candidate, each time that you contact a hiring decision maker, you should be using that contact as a way to show how great a hire you are. As the typical job interview thank you letter is written, it does not make that case for you or any other job candidate.
The typical job interview thank you letter follows a predictable pattern. An expression of gratitude for the interview, an expression of continued interest in the position, an invitation to contact the applicant again. For instance, a common job interview thank you letter might sound something like this “Thank you for your time and attention on Monday. After learning more about this opportunity, I am more excited than ever about joining your team. Please feel free to contact me for another interview or for references.” Though there’s nothing particularly wrong or bad about that thank you letter, it is just like every other letter or email that the interviewer will receive. As a result, it will be thrown away with as little attention paid to it as the rest of those letters.

The Amazing Job Interview Thank You Letter Advantage

With an extra bit of effort, you can easily write a job interview thank you letter that does all the things that the typical letter does, but then takes it to the next level. This letter not only expresses gratitude, but shows that you are a candidate who pays attention to the interviewer and acts on what you learn. This letter also makes the interviewer grateful to you and to look forward to your next communication. All these things are possible with the addition of an element called the “informational gift.” This gift is not tangible, or even all that valuable. It is however, something which your communication with the interviewer has shown you to be of interest to him or her.

For instance, if your job interview thank you letter might refer back to a conversation in which the two of you discussed a new project the interviewer was working on, and contains a link to an article about that project. Or the informational gift might refer back to a discussion you had about local restaurants, complete with a list of restaurants which the interviewer might want to try. The actual content isn’t that important. What is important is that it refers back to something that he or she said in the interview, and that you were observant and conscientious and polite enough to act on that observation. If the interviewer finds this informational gift to be truly valuable, then he or she will certainly look forward to receiving more communication with you in the future and read it with great interest

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