Job Interview Thank You

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

An Amazing Job Interview Thank You Strategy

For many job seekers, the job interview thank you is a task to go through the motions on, to simply follow habit and the crowd. In most cases that means simply writing a quick note or email to the person or people that the candidate interviewed with. Typically these notes or emails consist of exactly the same kind of stale, meaningless information. The note will thank the interviewer for the interview, will express continued interest in the job and will invite the interviewer to contact the candidate again for more conversations. Though there is nothing inherently harmful about an interview thank you note like this, there is not much beneficial about it either.

The job seeker who wants to use every part of the interview process to land the dream job, however, will want to do more with the job interview thank you note. This candidate will want to use the job interview thank you email as a chance to make another strong and favorable impression on the interviewer. What’s more important, the smart candidates want to use that thank you interview note to open the door to future communication between the interviewer and the candidate. It’s possible that the job candidate decision might take some time to complete, or that the candidate might want to re-apply for other positions with the company later. In both these cases, a personal connection between the candidate and interviewer could be very useful.

The Job Interview Thank You Secret

The secret of the job interview thank you note that accomplishes all the tasks of making a stronger impression, of opening the door to future communications and creating a relationship between the interviewer and candidate lies in the use of the “informational gift.” The informational gift is the piece of information that you add to the thank you interview note that is of use to the interviewer. This might be something so simple as an article about a business development, a contact name, or a list of French restaurants in a part of town. What all these things have in common is that they were chosen because the interviewer expressed some sort of interest in that topic during the interview. The smart job seeker noted that interest, did some research to find the information which matched that interest, and included it into the interview.

Including that gift into the job interview thank you is simplicity itself. The job seeker simply writes a normal, typical boring job interview thank you letter, with all the usual components. Then the job seeker adds a couple more lines referring to the conversation which initiated the gift, and offers the gift. For instance, a letter might end with “during our conversation, you mentioned that you are pursuing Quality Control Process training. That reminded me of an article I’d recently read about how that training was used to turn around a company’s business quite dramatically. I’ve attached a link to the article if you are interested in reading it for yourself.”

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