Job Interview Strategies

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secret Job Interview Strategies

For job seekers, there are two main job interview strategies to employ, depending on the level of experience you have in the target job. If you have significant experience in a job similar or identical to the target job, your strategy is to assure the interviewer that you have already performed the exact tasks and accomplished the desired results of the target job. If you have not worked an identical job, your strategy is to convince the interviewer that you have already performed equivalent tasks and achieved comparable results in your job. In both cases, you are trying to establish the fact that you can instantly come in and begin performing at the target job. The only difference is how hard you have to work to make that case.

For both of these job interview strategies, prior research and investigation is vital. Before you go into the interview, you should have a clear and complete vision of what the day to day duties of the job will be, what results the interviewer desires and what personal characteristics the corporate culture most highly values. Whether you have a lot of relevant experience or not, those are the skills, results and characteristics that you want to present in your interview. Finding these things out may require some time spent reading published material and speaking to people with familiarity with the target company and its values and culture.

More Job Interview Strategies To Consider

For someone who has been working a related or identical job, the job interview strategies you employ focus on getting all the relevant information out. You want for the interviewer to know that you have already been doing all the things that he or she needs done. The very best way to do this is to tell stories of having done them. In these stories, be sure to talk about the situation you were in, the actions you took and the results you achieved. The more closely you make these factors match your target job the better. Your ideal result is for the interviewer to believe that you could just as easily be talking about the target job. This lets him or her know that you would make a quick, easy and predictable transition to the target job.

For the job or career switcher, the job strategies are a bit more complex but the end result is the same: interviewer confidence in your ability. Your strategy will be to show how experience which is not identical to the target job’s duties has prepared you to do the target job’s duties, and to make the case that the result that you achieve at your previous job are relevant and equivalent to the company’s desired results. Doing this effectively requires that you spend some extra time up front analyzing the target job’s duties and creating a clear connection between them and your previous job or personal experiences. If you can make this case convincingly and vividly, you will make the interviewer comfortable with your experience and get the job.

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